Loving Life

Loving Life

Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Art of Ambition

Dear Viewers,

It has come to my attention that throughout our life, people push us to create ambitions. Ambitions to find a job, have friends, build one's self an education, to stay clean, tidy, go to church, and help our fellow mankind are pushed in to what some call, one's duty's or responsibilities.
We should all push to grasp such ambitions, yet every once in a while, one has to take a rain check.
Today I have no ambition to crawl out of bed, clean, eat, or full-fill any other responsibilities in which await my participation. Therefore, to all those who are lacking the ambition to full-fill any kind of physical or responsibility whatsoever, one is not alone today.
I myself have officially joined the dark side titled Laziness. I myself tend to be a very productive person who thrives off of being constantly busy. It is rare that by this time of day I have not gotten dressed and made a few phone calls or ran a few errands.
For those of us today who are riding the lazy train, Winter Break will come to an end and we will all begin our busy lives from the point in which we left them.
I forewarn those aboard the lazy train to being studying the Art of Ambition. Find small tasks that require small amounts of energy. Make a couple short termed goals that can be accomplished within the hour. By doing this one will start to feel more energized and ready for the ambitions of the day.
I am off to try and start my day. I am cutting the imaginary ropes holding me to my bed, spreading my wings, and flying towards the horizon of ambitions that await me today. If there are people out there willing to join me, stop reading this blog and go discover the world.
After all, the Art of Ambition is not a hard skill to obtain.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Color White: Insanity or Peace?

Greetings to the World (if anyone is reading).

Welcome to my blog "Yes, Golightly is my real name!" I state this because it is.
Today is December, 29th, 2010. It is approximately 11: 54pm. Therefore I congratulate you in being the lucky reader viewing this blog in which technically took two days to write. I am just going to let you all know that I am a first time "blogger" so bear with my excruciating lack of "blog efficacy"  Today was to be a very special day in my very first college styled Winter Break. Today my family, meaning my Mother, younger brother Jordan (Jugz), and my Mother's boyfriend Chet were to meet with some very special friends of mine, The Raddatz's for dinner. The Raddatz first of all, are the sweetest and most gracious people that one could ever meet. They are a blessing in my life and I am very grateful to have them as an addition to my already amazing family. The Raddatz family, considering me a adopted daughter that comes complete with the gracious title of "one of their girls" wanted to meet up with a small section of my family for dinner to try to get to know them better. The Raddatz's consist of Mama Raddatz (MR) Papa Raddatz, Jason, Jordan, Kyle, Mandy, Mackay, and Little Amy. I named them in the oder of Parents to the oldest Raddatz child; age 22, to the youngest Raddatz child; age three. As you can see that they do not have any older girls, and therefore, I have been "adopted" as one of four other beautiful girls. The Raddatz's share my belief in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS) while my mother's family does not. My parents are divorced and it is my dad's side of the family who are strictly LDS while my mom's side that is strictly lacked in any religious views whatsoever. Sometimes it is very difficult to have two separate styles of family that share me as a common bond. I have found myself very much stuck in the middle of two families who are completely different in every way except in being loud, wild, growing in numbers, and me stuck in the game of "monkey in the middle" The four common bonds my very different families share. Nevertheless, I love them all the same. Knowing that the Raddatz's were meeting with three very non LDS members of my family I wasn't as nervous as I should have been about the religious differences; I was more concerned with the weather....
Today began with a gray sky full of warning signs, and ended with a white out covering the entire state of Utah. The roads were caked in slush and spun out cars on the freeway state wide. Want to guess what happened to my dinner plans???
Therefore today I trapped in my house due to the snow with a plate of Kentucky  Fried Chicken as my dinner .  As for my dinner guests, my small family whom retreated to the shelter of their individual bedrooms and televisions. I was a little disappointed in the weather and a group of people of whom I love very much not being able to meet and converse. I was very proud to show the Raddatz's off to my family as I was to show my family off to the Raddatz's . Yet Mother Nature and taken her course.
Therefore sitting alone in my room, I tried envisioning the good things about my day. I had gotten to visit with my dad and step-mom and celebrate a belated Christmas with them. I feel that such an occasion in itself was able to compensate for about half the people I was looking forward to spending time with today that I was not able to see.
Instead of looking out the window and viewing a blue sky and the joyful faces of loved ones, I saw white. The color was rapidly pouring from the sky and violently blowing over the valley covering any visible signs of hope and a joyful evening. In the color white, we find the meaning of peace, purity, and beauty. In the color white, we as well envision a white padded room, straight jackets, and a never ending streak of solitude. It is up to one's own perception (especially Utah locals) on what kind view of white they saw. This wonderful absent of color can be occupied with either peace or insanity.
Want to guess what pigment of white I viewed today????

P.S. congratulations it is now December 30th, 2010. 12:35 am.